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TeleMental Health

 Quality care from just about anywhere

Psychology Innovations uses secure HIPAA compliant video sessions using a platform. The system is simple and easy to use from any smart phone, computer or tablet.  Allowing you a convenient way to meet with your psychologist without a trip to the office.

Some people may be hesitant to try telemental health and believe in-person is the only way, however, once they try it almost all clients find it is not significantly different than in-person sessions and far more convenient.  

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More About What I Do

Are you struggling with panic/anxiety attacks? I LOVE working with clients with panic attacks. Why, you ask? Because clients with panic can show significant improvement incredibly quickly.  I use a combination of psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring and mindfulness to help my clients conquer their fear of panic attacks. And I do this WITHOUT MEDICATION.  Research has shown that the use of medications used during the time of panic attacks does little to solve the problem long-term. Yes, you may feel better in the moment but you do  not learn how to avoid the attacks in the future. That’s where I come in. I can teach you how to manage your reaction to the panic itself and reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks, many times eliminating them altogether.

In addition to anxiety I love treating clients with ADHD. The struggle is real for adults trying to cope with ADHD. Many clients are told that they just are lazy, or that ADHD isn’t a thing. Well, it is and I am here to help you not only cope with your ADHD but embrace the positive aspects that come with it.

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